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Saloni Aswani is a stunning Amerindic actress.


Saloni Aswani was whelped in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, Bharat. She belongs to a Sindhi lineage and her genuine family is Vandana Aswani. Her overprotect Naina Aswani hot her to get an actress and her theologizer was a Duty Gob. She stayed with her fellowship at the CGS lodging in Metropolis.

Saloni is a high in psychology from SNDT, City. Ulterior, she married Ashok Kumar's Performing Civilize, Bombay. She was also a concept of a theatre titled Kala Sansad.

Sawaan Kumar Tak, the supervisor of her start shoot, exchanged her name from Vandana to Saloni.

The actress has finished various advertisements for brands similar Petrolatum, Lifebuoy, Dive Oil, Moove, Modishness shampoo, Leash Roses tea, Meera soaps, and much.

Saloni is sound at copying Sridevi and has presented it in umteen dramas.

Saloni prefabricated her activity entry with the Hindi take Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa (2003). This Saawan Kumar take is virtually two lovers who belong to distinct races. She played the case of Ruksana Khan oppositeness starter Kapil Jhaveri. This picture overturned out to be a big miscarry so the actress proved her fortune in Tollywood, play with Dhana 51. It was followed by movies equivalent Chukkallo Chandrudu (2006), Kokila (2006), Projection, I Sex You (2006), Maryada Ramanna (2009), and more.

Pooja Solon and Upendra were seen with her in Telugu pic Buddhimantudu (2009).

Her position Screenland picture was Reguzar (2006) oppositeness dramatist Crowbar Shergill. Saawan: The Bed Season (2006) was her base and net Sanskrit movie deedbox day. This show marked superstar Salman Khan and her beginning picture co-star Kapil Jhaveri. Salman played the boost part of a courier in this movie.

She has also acted in few of the Kanarese movies like Budhivanta(2008), Port Babu (2008) and the recent one is Theertha (2009). Madurai Veeran (2007) is the exclusive Tamil film she has acted in.


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