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Fact file Silk Smith

Name smith Silk
Birth name Vijayalakshimi
Born December 2, 1960
Birth place Eluru, Andhra Pradesh
citizenship Indian
Date of death September 23, 1996
Place of death: Madras / Chennai, India
eye Brown
Height: 5'6 "
Occupation Actress
First Tamil movie Vandi Chakkaram [1979]

Silk Smith Biography

Vijayalakshimi born into a poor family in Eluru (in Andhra Pradesh), left school after fourth standard, determined to make a movie star to be. Busy with her aunt in Madras (then became the center of South Indian film industry), she soon finds a sponsor who moved its Smith. After much praise and garnishing her first role in major Tamil movie Vandi Chakkaram (wheel), in 1979, Smith recognizes the name "Silk," after the name of her character in film

Silk Smith's career

Silk Smith went on to star in over 200 Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Canada and some Hindi movies. Of its dance numbers and her bold performances in films like Mugam Moondru its last symbol of sensuality in Tamil, Canada. Malayalam and Telugu cinema. Its numbers in films like Amaran were also points of celebrities on hand. Some film critics, historians and journalists have referred to her like "soft" players. One of her films, Layanam, has acquired a cult status in the Indian film industry to increase and was remade as landslip Ki Has Sub. Its most respected film Moondram Pirai, remade as Sadma


In 1996, Smith was found dead in her Chennai apartment. In the last year, her career has tried to pass a film producer. Financial problems and loss of support among former friends and colleagues apparently led to depression. Smith allegedly committed suicide.

Best films Smith's Silk

• Ooivathilai (1981)
• YamaKinkarudu (1982)
• Sadma (1983)
• Paayum Puglia (1983)
• Moondru (1983)
• Attakkalasam (1983)
• Hamaari Jeet (1983)
• Khaidi (1983)
• Darshanam Shri Datta (1985)
• Pataal Bhairavi (1985)
• Aaj There Dada (1985)
• Adharvam (1989)
• Miss Pamela (1989)
• Police Avasara 100 (1990)
• Aditya 369 (1991)
• Mestru Halli (1992)
• Mazhavilkoodaram (1995)

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