Thursday, July 1, 2010


Shakeela Biography

Shakeela is a popular South Indian actress has appeared in Indian Softcore films in India. Born in Andhra Pradesh, her acting in Malayalam B-class, recently finally in the early 1990 Kollywood (Tamil based) and Tollywood (Telugu-based), Tamil films have been accepted as a movie star Run

Best Shakeela hot movies

• Kinarathumbikal
• Bangaram
• Veendum of Thulabharam
• Penmanassu
• Soundharyalahari
• Agniputhri
• sagara
• Sneha
• Chalu
• Aalilathoni
• Vedikettukaari
• Dinil in the night
• Bavalu of Sayya
• Nijam
• Chance
• Chintamani
• Nimisham Haokka
• Ranganayaki
• Vaga lady
• Paruvam

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