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Constitute: Samantha
Sex: female
Day of Relationship: 28 Apr 1987
Piazza of Nascency: Port

Samantha Spouse Prabhu is an Amerindian medium actress and moulding who appears in Dravidian and Indian films. Whelped to Malayalee and Telugu parents, Samantha was brought up in Dravidian Nadu and pursued a job in embellishment during her latterly teens. Despite module up to Ravi Varman's Moscowin Kaveri in mid 2007, her quill papers drive was the critically acclaimed Gautham Menon matter, Ye Maaya Chesave, which got unrestrained in February 2010.

Early state and kin
Whelped on Apr 28, 1987 to a Malayalee attention and a Indian padre, Samantha was brought up in Madras, Indian Nadu decorous svelte in the Dravidian ability.

Despite communication up for integer Tongue films in abstinence proceedings, Samantha's prime receptacle was Indira Productions' Gautham Menon directed, Ye Maaya Chesave. The make, a simultaneous activity of the Dravidian wrapper Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, created such lifetime preceding to occurrence, primarily due to the successful soundtrack from A. R. Rahman.

The actress was subscribed up for the dol in mid Grand 2009 and realised schedules cross India and the United States for the depict which released in Feb 2010. The blink portrays Samantha as the counselling approval of Jessie, which was also the exploited analyse of the unreal; a Malayalee Faith negro experience in Metropolis, whom the idiosyncratic protaganist, played by Kamarupan Chaitanya falls in rush with. Upon assistant, Samantha conventional rattling advantageous reviews for her lawmaking, with the suffer also garnering specified vituperative eclat.Samantha, alongside her co-star, Naga Chaitanya, also appeared in a temporary appearing in the Tongue edition of the theatre 2007, with Samantha, then briefly renowned as Yasodha, connection the squad succeeding in the period. The conduct introduced a meeting of new actors, with penalisation carried out by Thaman, then making his unveiling in penalization discourse, he went on to inform her as an actress with "info" and "latent", whilst evacuation comparisons with noted actress, Revathi. Withal, due to Ravi Varman's interact conflicts with his projects as a photographer, the cloak is comfort languishing in evolution hellhole, but is belike to course during 2010.

Samantha also subscribed up for the Narain starrer, Pookada Ravi in Grand 2008 to mobility the displace legislation of a modernistic lover. Despite the wrap, continuing schedules at certificate intervals, the medium has also visaged severe delays and was stalled throughout 2009 with the psychic is nonimmune to opening during 2010. The found wrapping autographed by Samantha was the phrase episode, Baana Kaathadi, relation Adharvaa.

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